Running a twitter bot with Tootbot

- 1 min

I’ve always wanted to run some type of bot on some website. At first, I wanted to run a Reddit bot. However, simple reply bots aren’t that great so I decided against it.

So I found Tootbot. It’s a Twitter bot that mirrors hot posts from given subreddits.

So I got to work and decided to mirror posts from /r/FortniteBR because why not. Anyways, setup is very simple.

First I cloned the repository and installed the dependencies.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

After that, I simply ran the bot using It asked for some API keys which were easy to retrieve. After that, the bot was running!

Now the only problem was trying to get it running 24/7. As you know, closing off the SSH window will stop the script. So I just used nohup to run the script in the background for me.

So great, I have a Twitter bot now! It runs fine and you can change how often it posts, the threshold to post, etc.

If you want to check the bot out, you can follow @r_fortnitebr!


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