AnarchyStats is a simple plugin to show server age, total players, and world size in a nice little command. This plugin is mainly focused towards anarchy servers to display their server’s information.

This plugin was made for 1.15, but should work on versions above.


  • See server age, total players, and world size using /info.
  • Reload the config using /anarchystats reload.


Make sure to change these values to match your server.

# This is the start date of your world.
# Format: MM/DD/YYYY. You must put zeros for single digits. Example: 06, 02, 01, etc.
date: 05/27/2019 # This date is May 27th, 2019.

# Change this to match your server name. Displays on the command.
server-name: "ServerName"


It’s recommended to download the latest release. You can find releases at GitHub.


This plugin is released under GNU General Public License v3.