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Hyper (original name Dante) is a regular wolf. His main color is black, with gray as his inner color. Paws are gray on the inside with black beans and a heart.

He also has a gray heart on his butt. Likes to wear flower crowns and circle glasses, but aren’t required. Blue eyes & big fang teeth that poke out.

Original design of him was created by @ligermaws.


Reference Sheet

Made by @ligermaws. Reference Sheet (@ligermaws)


My fursuit progress start in the summer of 2022 after I went to Anthrocon. I was super inspired to commission a suit. I ended up getting my fursuit in May of 2023. The original suit was made by Fur_rain/fil_fur. They have since changed their name many times.

Original, from Fur_rain/fil_fur.


Original, from Fur_rain/fil_fur.


From Fawx. Original set was replaced.


From Pawstar. Original tail was replaced.

Feet Paws

Original, from Fur_rain/fil_fur.

photo of me wearing my fursuit with white shirt, green suspenders, and black pants.