I want to reflect on what has happened in this great year of 2018, since it was a lot. This year was probably one of the hardest year of my life. There really isn’t a layout I just started to type this out since I wanted to vent.

At the beginning of the year, I got my first job at Target that I still have in December. This job is a huge roller coaster from coming in super happy and leaving extremely worn out.

One of the biggest turning point in my life this year was realizing what my sexuality is. Becoming and embracing who I am this year is something I have never really done before. I always tried to not be myself and fit with society, but fuck that so now I’m gay.

I also met this amazing online community, and I have one person to thank for that, and his name is Zacuum (get it cause he sucks). From him, I have met probably the most wonderful and caring people that I have ever see before. However, we live so far apart and that makes me sad. They have been the biggest influence on my life and I won’t ever forget them or leave them behind in the dust.

However, this year was also very dark for myself. This year I realized my emotions what is really going on. I don’t want to get too into what is going since I could write another post here for hours. I was depressed and felt distant from everyone and ended up having suicidal thoughts. However, in December I went and talked to someone, and now am looking to get better in 2019!

The voice chats on Discord to 3 am, the random stuff we do, and the memories I won’t ever forget all happened this year. I hope 2019 is even better!

Special thanks to everyone that I love to death, Zac, Lucy, Erin, Jake, Skillian, Kaleb, Griffin, Mikey, Lunesta, and Shannon. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. If I did, yell at me.